Washing Machine Customer reviews In 2019

//Washing Machine Customer reviews In 2019

You can add water manually

For those of you who don’t have the proper faucet for the intake hose, neither do I. You can fill this unit manually. I filled mine with my pull out shower head. Once it drained after the wash cycle, I filled it again, and it washed beautifully. It has a very good capacity. In the first load, I washed my Queen flat and fitted sheet, and a few hand towels. They came out very clean. In the second load, I washed my Queen size comforter. It is fairly light. I suggest keeping the drain hose clipped to the unit but closed by the shower door in your tub to keep it in place. The drain hose is fairly thin, but, if your drainage is close, it is not a problem. The water intake valve is substantial, but, again, I cannot use it just because I have a pull out shower and pull out faucet in the kitchen, too, but for those of you who can use it, it is high quality. There are three levels of wash: heavy, normal and light. That is enough for me. It is quiet. The clothes come out almost dry, and the unit is light enough to carry without buying a dolly. I am very happy with this purchase after my last purchase of a cheaper model where you have to move the clothes from the wash basin to the spin basin. That is basically a toy. It lasted a year. You had to spin the clothes in three or four batches because the spin basin is so much smaller. It would spin in a lopsided manner, and eventually, small clothes spun out, and landed between the unit and the spin barrel, and the whole unit broke. This model was only $60 more than that with all in one. Spend the money, and invest in this model. (Photos included).

Very convenient

The machine is decent and a very convenient option for limited living spaces, vacationing or just having a spare machine on the side to use when the main one is being already used (especially when you have visiting company over for several days). Great for master bedroom bathrooms with enough room and more than one sink. The setup is easy and requires little to no modification to your faucet sinks when hooking up the hoses to the machine. Some faucets may require channel lock pliers to remove the current spout but many will not and automatically screw on to the threads in the current spout. There is no temperature setting on the machine so temperature control is completely controlled by whether you have hot or cold water turned on in your faucet. Be sure to keep track of the wash times as you will not want to forget to turn off your faucet once the machine runs through it’s cycle. Machine is designed for HE wash cycles. It cleans with liquid detergent, so using detergent pods should work as well. Great machine!

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