Things You Should Not Do in a Hot Tub

//Things You Should Not Do in a Hot Tub

Owning a hot tub sure can be a rewarding investment. However, you should know how not to get carried away and act appropriately around one. If you own a hot tub, you should already have plenty of ideas about the dos and don’ts around one. Still, some of us fail to realize how minor acts of getting carried away can lead to life-threatening situations.


Such situations can be as simple as getting stoned in a hot tub to as severe as drowning in one. It can be only a matter of fact how a situation can turn up bad.

So here we are with some of our vital tips about the things you should not do in a hot tub.


Don’t Let Your Kids Roam Around It Freely


Children are naïve and expert trouble makers. They sure know how to find trouble when there is none around. Trust me; you don’t want to let your kids roam around a hot tub without adult supervision.


Younglings run the risk of getting drowned in a hot tub. There is also a probability of them getting overheated in a hot tub.


To make sure your cub is safe, always keep them monitored while in a hot tub. You can cover or fence your hot tube to ensure your kid doesn’t hop in one unnoticed.


Don’t Tamper With the Temperature 


If you don’t have any idea how hot tub temperature regulation works, don’t mess with it, I repeat, don’t you dare to mess with it. You don’t want to regret your decision with a body full of burns.


Hot tubs are designed to maintain a max temperature of 104° F. If there is any chance that you can raise it above that, don’t do it!


Avoid Using Hot Tub on a Bad Weather


It can a thrilling experience to have quality time in your hot tub during thunderstorm, tornado, or hurricane. Trust me; you don’t want to do that if you have any love for your life. Avoid using the hot tub during adverse weather conditions at all costs.


Don’t Get High While in a Hot Tub


Sorry to let you down, but getting high while in a hot tub is not the smartest thing to do. It sure does look great on movies, but if you don’t want to drown in a hot tub due to drowsiness or disorientation of your mind, avoid drugs while in one.


Avoid Horse Playing


Getting all childish and excited around a hot tub is quite a regular thing. Some folks take it even further with casual horseplay, which might turn up to be wrong in a blink of an eye.


Let’s face it; hot tubs have limited space and provide little room to contain your excitement. The probability of slipping and getting your head injured is quite high in situations like this.


Control your excitement and behave like a rational person if you don’t want to face life threating injury.


Final Words


Now that you have a pretty clear picture of how dangerous yet straightforward of a possession a bathtub can be consider your actions around a hot tub from next time on. We hope that the above guide on things you should not do in a hot tub has made you conscious and made you re-consider your action around one. Have a safe, mesmerizing, and fun experience while you ensure the safety of you and your dear ones.

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